Summer Kitchen And Bath

Every child loves a bubble or foam bath. In fact, I am pretty sure most of us have a childhood picture of them playing with bubbles in the bath. It can be used as a reward for your child’s good behavior or you can even use it to coax your kids to have a bath over the weekends. If you are worried that giving a weekly foam bath to your children could be very expensive, then you haven’t heard of the joys of creating one using ingredients available in your kitchen and your bathroom! Yes, I am talking about homemade bubble or foam bath for kids. Imagine yourself cooking over an open fireplace without any electricity or air conditioning to cool the kitchen. Also imagine that you reside in a place which has a tropical climate with a high degree of humidity. Eventually, the heat from the kitchen will heat up the entire house and it will be extremely uncomfortable to live in. This was the scenario in early Colonial America.

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