Local Bathroom

If you have cracked and chipped tiles in your bathroom it can mar the beauty of your bathroom. Repairing bathroom tiles becomes very essential and the best way to go about it is to find out the kind of tiling that is used in the bathroom. Determine if you have ceramic, stone or porcelain tiles in your bathroom. It is important to find the exact color and texture of the replacement tile that matches the original one. If the flooring is old, then you might have some difficulty in finding the matching tile as manufacturers often discontinue old patterns and colors. In such a case, look for the matching tile in local flea market or on the internet. Bathroom tile repair can be completed in a day if the damage to the tiles is not extensive.

The first step is to remove the cracked or chipped tiles without damaging any adjoining ones. You need to be very careful while doing this and for added protection, cover the adjacent tiles with cardboard. Now with the help of a utility knife, gently pry out all the grout from around the cracked tile. If the grout is soft and malleable, you can remove it very easily with the utility knife, otherwise you will need grout remover for removing tough and dried grout. Apply the grout remover over the old grout and wait for at least and hour for it to work. Make sure that you do not spill any of the grout remover around the other tiles.

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